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Promoting the new Bose noise cancelling headphones

Our in-depth research revealed a truly mindblowing fact: many businesspeople would like a little peace and quiet now and again (who knew?). This means they’d love to get their hands (and ears) on QuietComfort headphones. These noise-cancelling headphones use unique technology to help people free themselves from distractions, so they can enjoy their quality time without being disturbed. So we placed relevant ads in a relevant location – El Al’s Atmosphere in-flight magazine (no, the snoring passengers and wailing babies weren’t actually part of our campaign).

Boosting demand for Bose among younger people

If only, we thought. If only there was a hit music show on TV that drew huge numbers of young viewers every week, so we could introduce Bose to younger audiences. If only there was a show just like The X-Factor… Oh, wait. Last season, we worked with Reshet, The X-Factor’s broadcaster, to design an integrated campaign that combined online content with classic advertising. As a result, young people’s awareness of Bose soon shot up the charts.

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